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SYNLawn artificial landscape grass makes any space come alive with an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass. Our Recyclable landscape grass products conserve resources and have a long-life expectancy. It is very easy to maintain and doesn’t require water to stay lush and green in any conditions. Perfect for children and pets to stay clean, happy, and healthy. Do-It-Yourself, or have it installed by our professionals indoors or out, today!

  • Over 45+ years strong. We are the largest manufacturer and installer of synthetic landscape grass.
  • "From Yarn to Yard" we make and install everything we sell.
  • Manufacturer Backed Warranty backed by us, the producer.
  • Over 300,000 installations in North America since 2004 and still growing.
  • Saves water resulting in over 50% reduction in personal water use on average.
  • Massive time savings allows you more time to enjoy your yard instead of working to maintain it.
  • Reduced carbon emissions which will leave you with no need for lawn care equipment.
  • Lower impact on local landfills with long projected life cycles.
  • Pet deodorizing systems with proprietary pet system components offering the cleanest and safest environments for pets.
  • We have the right grass with the most varieties of grass available as well as the most options. Our grass is specifically designed, engineered, and created for different uses.

Vendor: SYNLawn
Vendor #: 45036
Phone #: 866-268-6100
Email: service@synlawn.com


There are many reasons to love SYNLawn. We've led the way in the artificial grass industry since we started.


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