SYNLawn Sustainability

An overview of the sustainability efforts behind our products

The ways Homeowner’s Save

See how our products can save Homeowner’s time and money

DIY Tutorial

Your DIY How-To guide for Artificial Turf Installations

What Customers Can Expect

All things to consider and expect as a customer


Is it Pet safe?

Yes, give your pet a clean, comfy place to relax and play. Additional pet odor control and security options are also available for purchase.

What is the water rebate?

Turf removal rebates are now available in some areas. Check with your local water authority for additional savings.

How much water can you save?

Eliminating the need to water your grass conserves resources and can save you up to 70% on your water bill.


For Artificial Grass we offer a 10 year manufacturing warranty that can be viewed here.

Care + Maintenance?

You can learn more about caring for and maintaining your Artificial Grass here.

Can I install myself?

Yes, however, we recommend reviewing all of our guides before beginning, as well as, using a professional crew as installations can be very labor intensive.

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